IUPI LLC is a multidisciplinary design studio that works from Miami, Spain and Argentina to everyone offering online services, motion graphics and branding. The same has a comprehensive mission: to unify the passion and inspiration that come from creative work ethics and professionalism that televises industry requires creating a fun and relaxed environment where the work product generated has all the talent that allows our clients to win in their projects. We believe that brands are built with hard work, dedication and fresh ideas. We provide the best of all in each project, because we trust that teamwork always gives better results.
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As a fiercely creative, strategy-driven agency, we dive deep into our clients’ businesses to tackle challenges and unlock growth opportunities. We passionately share their brand stories through engaging, meaningful, and culturally relevant communications solutions. Transmitting the essence of the brand is part of a challenge that all companies face; and we live in a time where the need to review and update the visual identity is unavoidable. Changes in the economic and social sphere, the evolution of the business itself, the emergence of new trends or the need to match the visual transformation of other competing brands, force companies to do something different.


We make it possible to graphically communicate ideas, facts and values processed and synthesized in terms of form and communication. A Graphic Piece requires the setting of objectives for which it is made, the monitoring of all processes and an absolute commitment. In this way, we not only achieve a correct design, but also commit ourselves to monitoring the entire process until production to obtain the expected result.


Modeling is almost like creating a sculpture of the final product, but using technology so that you can show it through a screen. Both textures and lighting or shadows are worked on, so that it is as realistic as possible. Digital prototyping is not only useful for presenting to clients, but can be used, for example, in the production of events or marketing campaigns.


We carry out the appropriate actions to improve the positioning of your website in the most relevant search engines, within the organic results in search engines.
We manage campaigns with content strategies, traffic monitoring, users and keyword evolution.


We carry out the appropriate actions to improve the positioning of your website in the most relevant search engines, within the organic results in search engines. We manage campaigns with content strategies, traffic monitoring, users and keyword evolution.


We form a highly specialized team in 2D and 3D animation. We have more than 20 years of experience in the world of entertainment and television. We are always up for new challenges!


Make yourself comfortable while our professionals create your very own specialized website optimized for mobile devices and other platforms.





In IUPI, LLC works a group of creatives and programmers who give their best so that their clients are represented communicationally.
Since my beginnings I have specialized in 2D and 3D animated graphics, providing image and graphic packages for television channels and television formats. I was in charge of the Graphic and Animation Department of Promofilm US for eight years, where I developed the conceptual work and execution of all company’s production, my work was reflected in spaces such as 12 hearts (Artear from Argentina, Telemundo’s Venevisión in the US), El conquistador del fin del mundo (Azteca México, Telemundo, Canal 13 from Chile, Gamavisión Ecuador and SBT of Brazil), Protagonists of novels (Telemundo, RCN of Colombia, Venevisión and Channel 13 of Chile), Protagonists and Stars of music (Telemundo and Venevisión), Laura in action (Telemundo), Suegras (Azteca América), La isla de la tentacion (Telemundo, I was also responsible for the concept and complete production of the graphic identity (look and feel) of the cable channel Signos (Colombia) and the production of graphic pieces for Centroamé Rica TV, Dominican Television and Passions.

Then I co-founded Insight Media tv advertising agency and later created IUPI, LLC where a group of creatives and filmmakers created from presentations of television formats, through graphic packages, branding for companies and web pages.

Graphic styles are constantly changing and I am aware of how important it is for success to be aware of these changes, which is why I am obliged to update myself so that I can give the best image and that our clients are firmly represented.
I invite you to be part of our dream, your success is our success.





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